SIRIUS offers the full featured WMS solution for import and export solution. The system was designed from the ground up to put important information at your fingertips, and help you manage shipments with ease.

SIRIUS is a powerful software that improves your warehouse operations, optimizes your logistics, enhanced by an intuitive user experience.

SIRIUS will help you manage your resources, matching their availability with the needs of your company.

SIRIUS supports all types of mobile devices and is RFID ready to integrate into your current infrastructure.

These are some of the main features


This module helps reduce your employee’s workload, by having your customer input their merchandise before it arrives to your warehouse.


Easy and fast way to input data once the customer’s goods arrive at your warehouse.


Key module that helps minimize your staff’s man-hours spent processing customer requests, while avoiding human errors they may incur.


Friendly user interface that helps you locate the goods quickly. Supports partial and parts-based shipments.


Your one-stop for an overview of your whole operation. Including in-bond expiry alerts, general statistics, and many other features.

Driver Control

Control your arrivals and departures using state-of-the-art digital tools, including customer notifications, and e-signature.


Extensive reporting options. Including active inventory, personalized reports, automatic reporting via email; all of them available in PDF and Excel™ formats.

Minimum system requirements

SIRIUS is the solution for your Warehouse needs.

Affordable, lower your operation costs.

Mobile devices support

Efficient customer report and many more features for today's market demand.

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